hungry eclipse

here i am learning to play at intimacy;
phone buzzing at every second
drag of my Reds

(nicotine and lonely
both taste the same here).

here i learn love
sending parts of yourself
to six different mouths —
let their hungry eclipse your want.

here i learn empty
in limbs tangled
in dirty hostel sheets,
bachata between my legs,
two beers in;
in puff puff
(pass out)
in coming home
to the light of a bruised sunrise.


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Lishani is a fierce feminist, a lover of all things chocolate and an unapologetic fan of Nicki Minaj. She lives her life aiming to do no harm, but will take none of your sh*t. She also really dgaf if she's not your cup of tea. She currently shuttles between two homes on two beautiful islands - Sri Lanka and Singapore.

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