on heartbreak at 16:

i remember You
telling me
caught up in the delirium of onceuponatime
that when She kissed You,
You felt galaxies
explode inside
and that the stars aligned for Her,
always for Her.

You said She
drank vodka out of teacups
and smoked clove cigarettes
with Her morning scrambled eggs
and that She
made Your heartbeat flutter
as You lay together
watching purple skies fade
and i hid inside myself
because hard liquor made me sick
and i could never stand the smell of smoke
and it would always be Her.

You trail your fingers
across the bridge of my nose
and say
that She could sing in French
and my eyes begin to water
as i cling on to you for dear life
and say in a voice that’s not quite mine
the only French i know:
je t’aime
je t’aime
je t’aime.


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Lishani is a fierce feminist, a lover of all things chocolate and an unapologetic fan of Nicki Minaj. She lives her life aiming to do no harm, but will take none of your sh*t. She also really dgaf if she's not your cup of tea. She currently shuttles between two homes on two beautiful islands - Sri Lanka and Singapore.

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